Sanctioning Body Change


POWRi is proud to announce the addition of another new league in 2020. In an effort to serve an ever-growing need within the quarter midget community, POWRi has created the POWRi Quarter Midget Racing League.

“We are very excited to grow our organization in a unique way,” commented POWRi League owner Kenny Brown. “The direction we are heading with the quarter midget community is to allow them to run as a member-controlled organization, but with the support of POWRi Racing behind them. Our number one goal is to allow these young drivers to enjoy the sport of racing, time with their families and make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

The addition of the POWRi Quarter Midget League into the POWRi Racing organization creates tremendous value to all parties involved. From the support and unification of POWRi to the ability to help transition drivers as they age-out of quarter midgets into other Leagues. Quarter Midget racing is a perfect fit for POWRi’s ladder of success.

At the writing of this press release, POWRi has reached agreements with the following groups: American, Baylands, Capitol, Good Times, I-70, Orange Show and Tri Valley.

For more information on the POWRi Quarter Midget Racing League and all POWRi related leagues, visit online at, like POWRi QMR on Facebook, and follow @POWRi_Racing on Twitter.

If your quarter midget club has questions or interest in being sanctioned by POWRi, please call 314-267-4944.